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Jeffrey C Johnson

Inventor of the graphic directory tree

Author of XTree and XTreeGold

What happened to XTreeGold ?
It was removed by a corporate clean sweep.

The XTree Company was sold to Central Point Software in the fall of 1993. The company was closed, XTreeGold was shelved, and the CEO of Central Point proclaimed "Business is Winning". A few months later Central Point was sold to Symantec and I was terminated one week before my stock vested.

Answers to frequently asked questions : )

NO  I had nothing to do with the sale of XTree and was the last employee to be told the company had been sold. The news was shocking; the idea of never producing another version of XTree had not crossed my mind before that day.

NO  I never received a dime from Microsoft when file manager was added to the Windows computing juggernaut.

YES  If my health improves there will be another JCJ file manager.

YES  The ZTreeWin file manager by Kim Henkel is still the best alternative to XTreeGold.

xtreelogo.jpg The History of XTree tells the inside story of how XTree was created and became a success.

Links XTree and file management related pages.

Photography Urban exploration with a digital camera.

Time and Space Correcting a theoretical mistake.

What's happening in your corner of the world ?

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To everyone who has written expressing support and get well wishes, thank you. You have restored my faith in humanity, and in more ways than one, helped save my life. Many of you have written to me from countries that were not countries when I wrote XTree. I wish you all the best as we adjust to our rapidly changing planet.


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